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Watching the Big Bang Theory as a physics major

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Guest post written by Brent Turlington

I always think that it's funny when someone watches a show about essentially what their life or their job is about. My dad has always said that he doesn't like watching The Office because it reminds him way too much of the people that he actually works with. When I started watching the show The Big Bang Theory, I could kind of understand what he meant. But the thing is, I really love the show regardless of it reminding too much of my own life. I have a much more exciting social life than the characters on that show do, though.

Right before the new season of the show premiered, I went online to try and find some good spoilers for it. When I was online looking up those, I ran across some directv bundles. When I looked through them some, I showed them to my roommates and we decided to change over our service to one of them.

My friends in my program don't know that I watch the Big Bang Theory show, but I honestly don't know if they're even aware of it.


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