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Nomorerack and my deal hunting eye

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Over the holidays and through to this month, I have started to search out a few haunts hoping to find deals. Especially video game deals. As I hunted I found a blog article about a place called nomorerack. Nomorerack? Sounds kinky until you drag your mind out of the gutter and note it’s a play on words about not shopping clothing racks.

The site nomorerack.com actually is a neat idea. Instead of overwhelming you with millions of things you may never want they post a few items, different each day. Each item is the genuine article, marked down to low prices and available for only 24 hours (it’s in Eastern Standard Time too so I don’t have to estimate time or anything!) in which new never before seen items show up.

Now the negative Nancy in me wants to get mad that set items are not there but at the same time think about it. If you show up on day and see stuff you hate, you can come back once a day and bam see if anything worth it is there. I’ve seen watches appear there, random around the house tool, even a few accessories that I can see helping me maintain my army of game consoles like that nifty Skil Mini Carabiner Knife:

A tool kit that can latch onto my belt is always nifty. The only downside is stuff at these prices (the shipping is a measly $2 for each item. Dayyuam that’s cheap) tends to sell out quick so getting stuff you want while the getting’s good is smart.

The site also has a neat referral program. Nomorerack WANTS you to refer your friends to them. You can simply send friends a referral link to the site. They click through and bam you gain “friendrack” points. Your friends don’t have to even buy anything, you get rewarded. Every day they have these friendrack deals where instead of spending money, you can use friend points instead! And if that wasn’t great enough, there is always that one item that is basically free. Yes, they offer freebies for purchase.

This site may be a bit of luck on the draw, but mu most awesome purchases were luck on the draw finds. I know I’m gunna stalk this place and see how it shakes out.


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