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Lifting monitors....is a tedious process

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Man, sometimes I wish I had a pallet rack sometimes. When you realize the sheer amount of stuff you own requires pulley systems to move, much less your need to move them in rearranging stuff…yeah.

It’s worse when the stuff you have to move is not your own. The guy has so much old Commodore stuff that has to be moved every time one needs to access a closet, I just end up wishing we had a gravity conveyor lifting stuff. And when I say ‘stuff’ I mean many MANY C64 monitors.

Moving them around – at least 10 of them gets to be a pain. Then having to move them back IN the closet along with other items just kills my arms. Then again, the guy lifts CATIA monitors (spelling unsure!). These behemoths weigh a ton; they weigh so that they have built in handles to help two people lift them around. This also is a built in feature for the many servers he lifts up the many stairs of office buildings, ships and ridiculously tight spaces daily.

I think in hindsight, we need pellet racks everywhere. At home, in the car, at work. Also put chairs on them so we don’t have to walk. Those racks look strong enough to hold our combined weight.

Don’t judge me; I never said I was not lazy :P


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