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I hate unplanned things.

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Well, after all that happened in the year changing its stripes, I find myself needing to plan a very harried trip overseas. A few days yes, but a few days to prepare is murder – you can't just up and tell hotel 'gimme a room!' especially when they're many countries away. You can't just tell a hotel to suddenly cave and give you last minute accommodation!

Ugh. A friend of mine who hand moved to Australia years ago with his cute little wife (is it wrong I totally expected that to not last a year?) and promptly dropped off the face of the earth has resurfaced. As much as I'm annoyed about that, he had good reason. So many people falling on hard times lately. So I'm now looking into a few cheap last minute hotels I can find out there before even touching the flights. Just ugh I hate doing this; hopefully I wont run into any snags.

Is it also wrong I hope he still has that crazy pc set up with his TV? Man I'm awful XD


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