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How one sticker drew me into nerdom and gaming.

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Oh how I adore anything by shepard fairey. I’ve talked about the artist before, but I have to say it again – their work is fabulous. If it wasn’t for this guy’s work, I would have never gotten fully into gaming.

Now, hear me out. It’s like a 5 degrees of separation thing.

See I’ve always liked games but never accepted that they and adulthood could coexist (this was before it was tres cool to like all things gaming). See, I was walking past a local strip mall, abouts 12. I saw that someone had posted a colorful sticker onto a nearby phone pole. Said sticker was in front the local comic book store. Said ticker distracted me long enough to have a store employee walk out asking me if I was there to look at some comics. I was like, ‘no’ but walked inside anyway.

That day I found out Sailormoon had its own manga series, that import consoles existed and that card games were expensive (I would discover how much fun Magic the Gathering would be years later). But that store also had adults, normal well-adjusted adults playing and not the crazy stereotypes you expect to find (Okay, those types go too, but the sane quotient trumps the truly off ones).

But if it wasn’t for me stopping to stare at that worn ‘OBEY’ sticker, I would have never bothered to go inside.


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