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The Arts and Monitors

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The arbor. They, no matter where they are placed look elegant and whimsical. This is a fact. Now why the random talk about said arbors? Well, I saw an art exhibit not too long ago. My local alma mater tends to let the art kids go wild, doing what makes for thought provoking pieces.

Well this one was just as interesting. It featured old Commodore 64 monitors (certain friends of mine would've cried seeing this but I digress), pc monitors, TVs, and other electronic bric a brac stacked amongst garden arbors.

The exhibit was a mediation on us leaning farther and father away from nature into technology. Now picture this. Stacks upon stakes of old pc monitors interlaced with worn wooden arbors. Whoever came up with the idea is both awesome and a bit insane, but the overall junkyard meets zen feel was awesome.


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