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Troll Foot Care

I need a personal sign.

In which Hota decides it's time for a Vaca.

Oh how tempting.

Mo pcs, mo problems

My back, oh my back.

TV Hunting

What does a troll need with clamps?

In fact...many characters are returning and new ones reappearing...

In other news...hotels and WoW sorta mix.

Trolls...not the best at picking shoes.

Brb WoW

Cigars - even trolls smoke them.

Chevron vs. Ecuador in the Chevron Ecuador Judgment

Well it seems even a gamer can't avoid the real estate biz.

Good Job, Annons.

Holiday Trophies?

My legit and unhacked...err untouched PS3

Conan Makes Everything Better

Pimping out my auctions

Hey anons and spammers...yes you.

When towels do double duty

Disney Puzzles

Mistaken Political Identity?

avahost.net ...you spoil me.


Wash that face, you silly troll.

Army Tees

Deal Hunting

A possible con trip...I dunno

Thinking back to WoW and then thinking Foward

Online Backup Carosel

Don't Know Your Casino Games? Read up on these guides!

Hota Freecycles some chairs...sorta.

A trip to geek out on.

'Aging creams can double as fire repellent,' according to Hota

After that nice meal...

And it gets worse...

For those times you'd wish games had a creeper selection process.

Yeah...I want to look away but I can't...shudder.

Online poker - oh how I dig thee

Nah, I'll pass.

Cell phone boosters - wish I had one whenever I went out of town.

Online Poker Games are getting real

Wherein Hota's stove dies...again

The scents of home

My old laptop has converted to the Linux-side of the force.

A post about web hosting reviews

I may gun for my own server.

Drinks are mine! All mine!

Coat Racks, hurrah!

Okay, take my money Dead Rising.

Something green; something sparkly.

Trading up my gamer thumb for a green thumb.

Internet Musings

Hota finally returns home.

Disco with my Saint's Row

Rocking me some new head phones.

Magic Reserves Versus Generators.

Sometimes this is how it feels to buy games

Free Night Elven meat? Yes, please.

Damnit Ponies, you can so rock my headphones

A future fur gamer?

Needs Moar Ponies Up in Hurr

Mini portals in cigar boxes?

Upgrading my work desk to greatness

Enjoying the fruits of one's labor

Happy Wheels

Ambushing caravans for money.

Speaking of wacky HoTD games...

In which a mage strikes back

Prepare for battle...with a keyboard.

Debt Creeps into the Trolless Life

Where have all the (believably) crazy villians gone?

Planning on a TV Upgrade Soon

Xbox has entered the building

Plans for My Business Growth

Wherein Hota takes on a Debt

Tom and Jerry still have games out.

'Free' Camera is 'Free'

Into the Goblin Shops

Wherein Hota debates on taking up cooking again.

Wish Fulfillment by Trogg

Troggs need work too.

Expensive Summers

A longing...

How times have changed...

The bustling Org Hotel Industry

Getting cramped with all these games...

When a gamer gains a green thumb

Stalking the mail.

Someday, I'll tour Europe in geeky style!

Guess there's never too much storage with video games.

$2.95 for a host...okay no more hesitation!

St. Paddy's Day = Beer and Chocolate

....Con't from Rainy Fun Chains

Rainy Fun Chains

work from home

Social gaming takes on poker?

Blogging and Promotions...is it worth it for a small timer?

Locker Decor

Sometimes being upfront earns you more business

A Boss mat for the Boss Lady

Newegg saved my butt.

Watching the Big Bang Theory as a physics major

How one sticker drew me into nerdom and gaming.

Lifting monitors....is a tedious process

Nomorerack and my deal hunting eye

I hate unplanned things.

Bedding rollcall.

The Arts and Monitors

Gurr, gimme my PSP, Mail!

Moving on to the roulette wheel.