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A Troll likes her small comforts

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Do Trolls need airblade hand dryers? I’d figure they’d need hair dryers what with all that hair they tend to have. In that magical land of Azeroth, sitting her comfortable retirement, Hotaruchan uses a goblin made dyson vacuum. She could simply use magic to clean, but the troll learned a long time ago that magic doesn't do as reliable a job at cleaning as her own tow hands do. Well unless by 'cleaning up' you mean 'utterly destroy'.

The small little company does things for the hands too. Dyson hand dryers are all the rage now in Orgimmar; she herself gets her hands wet often as she's been dabbling heavily into the frost tree. Doing so had her hands always freezing cold and if lucky dripping wet. Lucky because her only other option was to have her hands covered in ice. Ice even on a Troll's tough skin is not comfortable.

The Troll mage loves using the warming air from the dyson air blade hand dryer; it's less taxing to use than conjuring fire, and it's small size makes it easy to place in her small bathroom. Goblins make the best stuff!


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