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So, where have all the safe poker sites gone?

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Now when I hear the words US Poker, I think those somewhere exciting if your there but not so in watching them through the TV poker matches. The guys and girls that play are in front of real, live people and the money that is being used is there and secured.

Now when you add online to that, all bets are off. There are countless sites that claim that they are safe, are legal, and that you can play on for real cash and not get burned. Poker on line as it is seems to be a thriving business. But like al transactions where luck, skill and where the unsavory element can easily scams others (adult industry anyone?), finding a legit place, much less a place offering great Online Poker Deals can be a tad difficult. I'd say finding a great site dealing with poker is less likely than finding a torrent site without those STDs of the internet – Trojans and viruses.

Add to this a 2006 crack down landed many of the known and trusted place in hot water. The law says that banks cannot dip their hands into the poker pie, but US citizens...go right ahead. This being said, choosing any old site is not safe due to the risk industry poker sites fall under (gambling). So choosing a well known site is still always a safe bet. So where does one turn to play a simple online game of poker? Why, Mac poker UK is a good place to start.


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