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Screw Beenie Hats. I want blankets.

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Well, well. Remember that post about me getting some custom beenie hats? Well I found a place that goes one step further. Custom promotional blankets. Oh hells yes. See, apparently there are sites that custom make stuff with your logos on them. And not just mugs or tees. They can put your logo on bags, pin drives, water bottles – even on silly items like glow in the dark tags (which is great for raves UST UST UST).

Sites that sell promotional products do so that businesses can advertise almost anywhere and on almost anything. Crazy thing as unlike that last place, these guys have an even bigger section. They not only sell blankets but a crazy huge section of them. This isn't just some square of cloth from JoAnn's with your name emblazoned on there in hot glue. They have various sizes, materials – hell there's one that folds up into a small tote for park outings.

And the blankets can have your name either on the corner or emblazoned on the majority of the blanket like a boss. I could like, send in a pick of this troll (unintended internet humor) and have her silly mage face plastered onto blankets to mortify my friends AND catch the eyes of curious strangers. Hey, made them look and that the point of said items – to draw attention to myself and my business.

Then again I just like the idea of a blanket with my troll mage's face on it with Troll Powa on the bottom. I don't care tht I don't play WoW anymore. I still dig the idea.


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