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Saving those boss youtube moments.

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Now, I'm not one to lie; I spend an inordinate amount of time on the Youtube. So many videos to watch: many amateur, some by media super stars, some helpful, some reveling in their pointlessness. Don't pretend to not know what I speak of. One word: Pingas.

Okay not one word. Two: Pingas. Ponies.

But Youtube is more than random clips of MLP and Robonik's ass. It has helped me fix that once broken papasan chair. It gave me tips on making a bad ass chocolate shake from scratch. It challenged me in displaying how other people from walks of life think. But overall it entertains.

But loading up Youtube every time to revisit a video could be tedious. What if I want to show friends without net access a cool clip? Or what if I'm in need for directions to build something but said item is no where near where I can drag my pc or laptop?

This is where the Youtube video down loader comes in. This (and might I add free) program allows you to download that same video direct from Youtube. You can store it on your hard drive for future watching, or burn it to a disk as is to show to someone else later on their pc. Mind you it's a direct 'rip' so if you'd want to watch it on say your iPhone or any other portable, you'll have to install another program to covert the files.


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