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PPC ads and me?

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I've heard of many ways to advertise. The banner. The the flashing ads. Oh god those suck on the eyes. As one can see, I have minimal ads on this blog. I used to do Google Adsense but I wasn't really all that impressed with them. I've looked at places like http://www.bizzclick.com/ as alternatives but I dunno.

Pay per click ads are just that – you click and the blog owner gains money, the person they are promoting gains visibility. But then I ponder to myself, how many times have I clicked on an ad like this? Of all those times was it out of true interest or simply because I liked seeing what train wreck an ad would be behind the click?

I hate to say it, but PPC ads, at least a lot of them seem, well cheesy. Like did the ad marketers not realize that bright colors is normally a turn off not an attractor? And the 40% imo that are worth looking at don't grab at all? What is with that?

Ads minimally are fine to me, but pay per click ads doesn't seem to do anything. Like I know, these guys seem to mean well. I mean after landing on their Publisher page (basically us bloggers), I want to believe places like these are a great investment. Hell, even on the Advertiser page is covered with assurances you'll get lots of traffic and clicks and visibility.

I was trying to make this post more of a question of what I'd do with PPC ads on this blog but I think I'll continue this musing on my other blog, Adventures in Online Money.


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