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P v Z: That Game I totally Missed Out On

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Ironically I must not have been paying attention or something...but I missed out on the plants vs zombies craze. How? I prolly missed it under the piles of Facebook games I was my time with. And the premise of zombies wrecking your garden?

Man, I am so late to this party.

I mean seriously. Zombies are trying to get to your house to munch on your delicious warm brains – but hark! Your plants are all 'Nay! You shall not pass!' The puzzles in keeping them out are rather fun and the silly animations and art are visually fun to look at.

The sadder thing is I swear I had downloaded the trial before on my older pc set up. I simply forgot. Please forgive me Popcap games for one forgetting how you did me right with such greats as Bejeweled and Alchemy, and forgetting about this gem. I shall make up for lost time and start this download onto my new system. Then I'll probably ignore my phone calls for awhile.

BRB Busy getting my zombie repelling gardening on.


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