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New Year's Plans are a Go.

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As I softly close my locker at work, I ponder...it's days till the new year. What will I do to set this new year off with a bang? The office lockers that I pass by everyday gleam with dings and rust. This small part time job isn't much; a seasonal job at a local Gamestop. It was something short and sweet to earn more money and to get out of the house. And hey, I wanted to buy me a PS3, at least in a sardonic way a game system was to be paid with money that was earned well hawking systems. The place might as well be paying me in games.

But I stretched out along the aluminum bleachers ready to head home. The small nearly P.O. Box sized lockers didn't hold much but my purse and other small things were safe and that was all that mattered. I decided as I got my things that I would one, buy that new Saints Row game. I would then go by the nearby ABC store and get me some beer. Call some friends and cause some havoc. Yea, that'll do.


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