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I was...bamboozled into cooking.

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Well it's getting close to the biggest holiday of the year – Xmas/Kwanza/Yule/'we don't work today' day. While everyone is scrambling around for clothing and games and whatnot...I snagged me a spice rack. Now many of you are going, 'B-but, you're a gamer. Therefore less about the spice racks and more about that PS3 you never got yet.

Yes, I don't own a ps3. Nor an Xbox 360. Sad days.

But hear me out. Now why do I, person who cooks nothing more complex than spaghetti out of the box would want with a wall spice rack?

Well, a certain someone dared to tell me I could not pull off mixing spices into our food *coughstupidmalecough*. Being a competitive sort, I went and brought one of those kitchen spice racks with all the extras. I then made us some hopped up sugar cookies. Guess whose eating crow...err cookies? Hrmm I think this was a ploy to get me to back. Trixy that one. I see how it is. Though he also knows I'd never try that with him as I value us still having a place to live. Too bad I didn't take any pics though. Those cookies rocked.


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