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I want a beenie hat with my name on it.

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See, I've never really had the urge to brand items. I mean everyone who does that goes to Cafepress – make some mugs, some tees, a thong (huur) and that's it. Everyone's been there, and met with mixed results. Thing is, Cafepress required you to pimp your site to have people buy from you. Awesome cause they only make what is ordered but that's people see it.

Now, I found a place that sells custom beanies; not just a beanie with some redesigned logos, but beanies with my site logo onto them. I could literally have my name and logo plastered onto it and any other of the hordes of promotional items this site sells.

I could literally ask for a box of beanies to be made and hand them things out to friends. Cause beanies are awesome. I could even buy custom carrying cases for my consoles keeping the less used consoles clean. Do you realize how awesome that is? I could travel to cons or whatnot and if something gets misplaced, no one could say they lost the bags with my custom logos on it.

I also would just look pimp with all my stuff matching. Matching carrying cases, matching beenie hat on, all ready for say MAG Fest, plunking (softly) down my vintage systems going 'have at me bros but be gentle, that Amiga isn't a rock you know?' all advertising my name and wears. I'm rather digging this already. And the stuff isn't even all that expensive. I could get me mugs and even pin drives creating the perfect 'advertise me!' ensemble.


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