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How to Beat Your Addiction to World of Warcraft

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I had a guest poster pitch me this rather epic topic. It sits near and dear to my heart as it doesn't throw out silly figures or go all clinical on you. It gives a few tips to those that are a little too tight to their favorite game ways to detach. Give this article a good read - you may find pulling away from WoW not as hard as you thought.

“What is with you and that game? You need to find something better to do.” Sound familiar? The first step in overcoming addiction is to realize you have a problem. Maybe you’ve finally come to the realization that you haven’t showered in weeks, you’ve gained weight, or you’ve missed work to troll around and dwarf it up. Whatever your reason is for wanting to snap out of it, here are some suggestions to help you beat the obsession:

1. Be Cynical

It might be difficult to think outside of your love for the game, but look for flaws! WoW is wrought with them. After hours and hours of game play, you will eventually come to the realization that the game can be really repetitive. Quest after quest, role-play after role-play, level after level, the game never changes. It’s always the same, just in a slightly different package. When you’re playing the game, look for all things that could be considered lame. And don’t hesitate to express how you feel aloud. When you come across a glitch, yell “lame!” It’s an important step in the healing process.

2. Baby Steps

Quitting cold turkey is tough. Start with something small. Try saying hello to your girlfriend or mother. If you have multiple toons, destroy all but one. Cut 13 hours of game play down to 10. Watch a TV show. Go for a walk. Play…another game. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating. Think of all the ways you can cut back or make changes, and start with the one you’re most comfortable with.

3. There Are Other Games Out There

WoW is the game in which you have the fondest memories, the game in which you fell in love with and never looked back. It may be hard to imagine yourself alone without WoW, but life goes on. There are other games. Better games. Games that will satisfy your gaming itch. There are even, gasp, board games! Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of chess or D&D? WoW has taught you many things, but now it’s time to say farewell.

You may love the game, but the game does not love you. When you come to terms with this, the healing process can begin.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a guest blogger who loves saving money with an HP Coupon. He loves humor, gaming, and being part of the Blog Content Guild.


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