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Hotels...would it hurt for you to hire extra maid staff?

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Now not to long again I treated myself to a sorta local con in the DC area. We for being a southern state, Virginia has a lot of cons. Nekocon, Katsuocon, Anime Mid Atlantic, ect. An anime con tends to attract many people in large numbers to not only the venue, but also to the surrounding area hotels. Normally these hotels look great. But during a con....not so much. I was in fact in a DC area con and god – I wished there was a Maid Service Washington DC. Like not just -a- regular hotel maid service (which looked non existent when I was there) but a full on outside hired crew. The hotel rooms themselves are up to the residents in said hotel rooms, but the hotel lobby floor, their public bathrooms, the elevators – oh god the elevators.

A cleaning staff could save everyone’s noses. The hotel staff is probably overtaxed just keeping sanity. Why can't they hire a maid staff from an outside cleaning company to clean up those poor trashed bathroom stalls during con down times, like say in the late evenings? Or deploy a few in the main lobby areas. So many times I've seen otherwise stunning hotels trashed with finger print smudges, trash, dirt from foot traffic – little things that a small hourly crew can sweep in a touch up.

Hotels you'd think would still at least think of the poor non con goes during these times, but it seems most give up and wait till the rush of anime/gamer freaks leaves to clean everything. Trust me, hotels look like disaster areas when a con is over. Good thing I brought with me a can of Freebreeze. Not the same as a person physically cleaning everything, but it's a start.


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