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Hot Tubbing would be awesome right about now.

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Heheh I'd kill for a hot tub right about now. Why? Cause it's freezing cold in here! I can even woefully remember when I was last in a jetted hot tub. No, it was not the bow chicka wow wow kind of tub experience. It was amongst friends. One friend's Dad worked at an apartment complex as the maintenance man. This gave him a few perks like having the keys to all the complex's building including the private hot tub and sauna.

He let her have after hours access to it. He'd just make sure the hot tub filters were current and make sure the hot tub chemicals were good. We'd go in after hours, like late hours and hang out. Hang out, drink a bit, don't leave a mess, enjoy the warm water, leave. A simple thing.

Then one evening a heavy down pour happened while we three (myself, my guy, and my bff) were hanging out, probably talking about WoW. Through the blur of rain we looked out past the glass doors to where the pool was. A few random people were hopping into it diving bombing it. We snuck out and ran out not sure if we should say 'go home' or what. We ended up joining them, playing around in the pool like kids.

Then after getting all cold from the outside, we headed back inside leaving the trespassers to their own devices getting warmed from the hot tub. Ahh good times; too bad it's soo sooo cold right now!


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