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Gaming PC Shopping

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Gaming means many things to many people. And many people tend to favor a particular flavor of gaming. I favor PC gaming as of late. But unlike say on a pre built console like a Wii, or an Xbox 360 or PS3, not all pcs are the same nor all are suitable for gaming. PC gaming tends be where to the newer the games are the more beefier the pc has to be to handle them. And if said game has a multiplayer mode or is say an MMO where clutch decisions are made with upwards of 40 people on your screen – a straight out the box ordered from Dell system isn't going to cut it.

Now I'll readily admit, I'm a hardcore advocate to putting together your own pc. There's something just fundamentally rewarding about knowing where all your parts came from, how they work together and knowing you wont be forced into replacing defective parts from one monoply...err manufacturer. But some people aren't that tech savvy or ready to dive into the process of building a pc.

For those people I suggest some reaching for reputable sites that sell Gaming Pcs. Many, many sites sell pre built gaming rig packages – some better than others. But just like you would when searching for pc parts, don't just price compare – look up the specs of each pc. Look up the manufacturer. Look up for reviews on both the pcs/laptop manufactures AND the sellers.

Don't get caught up in glitzy advertising – for example for all the hoopla surrounding Alienware, from close associates they aren't worth all the hype. Before purchasing: know what you need in a system, investigate, THEN price comparison. These steps will save you both time and money in the long run towards a decent gaming rig!


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