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Did I finally choose?

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I was chatting up on a past blog about web site hosting, and -yes I'm again with the web hosting – was just looking over one specific place in full. I've seen a bunch of places so far, but this on is not only cheap, but also has a lot of decent reviews.

I'm talking about Web Hosting Pad, and how tempting it is for me to get it.

'This hosting company is the best I have ever been with.'

'It's almost been 2.5 years of my hosting experience with webhostingpad.com and I am very pleased with their support and QoS.'

'The support team is awesome and will not let you down anytime.'

The reviews are gushing and they go on for pages. I like knowing a place I use will back me up when something goes wrong (and with such things as domain maintenance, it will) and that will stay up when I expect it to.

Now I know some of those reviews could be shills (not all reviews are from real users now!) But with over 75 reviews, with 68 being good posts about them, I'm thinking these guys may be it. Now to get on the ball...lets hope this turns out well.


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