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A day of good ole console cleaning

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Well now that I live in my own place, I can get away with doing larger projects. One of these requires me to clean out my old consoles of dust and whatnot. Especially so as that old house contained a lot of dust. So I grabbed out myself a clear tarp, and got to work.

Why do I need a tarp? Well this is my own place yes, but this is a carpeted floor after all. The dust and whatnot may not be as daunting as from a pc case, but it can still be an issue. Tarps also make it easier to see if any loose screws, components and any other loose items gets dislodged from anything.

Consider cleaning my PS2 requires me to unscrew two screws from it's network adapter. Then ad onto having to place its HD somewhere safe (carpets = static; HDs hate static) and the tarp already earned its keep.

Then realize I own a good number of systems that vary in dustiness and age that I pride myself in maintaining in working condition - and you can see how having said tarp is great. So today I rolled it out and spent my day busily making sure all was clean and in working order. Hurray.


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