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Bulletin Boards that minimize space? Yes please.

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Now, I’ve made no secret of my home based activities. I in having to work from home, have to keep myself on task as there is no boss telling me ‘Hey, stop playing on your Wii or Plants verses Zombies right now. But in order to keep on task, I need visual reminders to do so. But (x2) I live in a small apartment. It’s rather hard to manage a visual schedule in such a small space.

I tried the ‘manage it on your pc thing’, I forget the reminders. So I’ve taken to using enclosed bulletin boards. These types of bulletin boards are not the huge ass things you see hanging around at schools and church functions.

The ones I’m eying (the enclosed cork bulletin boards and enclosed fabric bulletin boards types) fold inward when not in use, and fold out like a book to show off the latest in my itinerary. Considering my work space is the size of a cubicle, this could store all my stray notes neatly so my pc space is free for work, and for gaming.


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