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Evening Dresses for the Troll Set?

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When I played (and role played as) various characters from my WoW days, I always wondered how they could find dresses in their sizes. I mean on Ally side, most of the races generally were of body types normally seen in the (real) world. Dwarves/Gnomes are just short and little people, draenei (well the females) were strange shaped but could be served by a big and tall. Humans, elves, and now the worgen could find outfits anywhere.

But Hordies – save the blood elves (and goblins = little people) are not the smallest of persons. I tended to go Troll one of the tallest races around. The ladies even at there 'slimmest' were meaty in comparison to the slighter elves (either) and generally smaller proportioned humans.

This makes me wonder, do caster Trolls shop at a big and tall or a plus size shop. A mage's robe on a Troll might as well be plus size evening dresses. They are pretty and flow well (well usually), but they would be misshapen sacks on a much smaller race. Did anyone else out there come to such a conclusion? Or am I (more than likely) over thinking it? :D


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