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Comforters and stuff

Well it's getting chillier and chillier the closer Thanksgiving nears. I've been at my new place for a good while. Through the ups an downs and fun of having a separate place to live in the real world. We've been collecting various furniture over time: a sturdy wood futon that doubles as another sleeping surface for guests. Various tables, chairs, basic items that makes this place more a home and not an item dump.

We even have this huge king size bed that is super comfy and could fit 5 or 6 people on it, so just the two of us (me and bf) are very well rested from it. Realize before this bed I was sleeping on my old bed from my teens on the floor. A massive upgrade.

But, we don't have any comforter sets. Many large sheets to cover the bed but no actual comforters save for the twin size one the bf has. I had two but tossed them out cause they were very old and ratty. My pillow actually is an old living room sofa pillow I stole. So, basically we have this wonderful and swanky bed we scored for free and no heavy covers to keep warm. This cannot stand. So far in my hunt to remedy this, I've found this:

A pretty shade, you thinks? I'm sure eying them. And since Black Friday is nearing soon, the discounts will be killer.


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