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Carpets and Apartments

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Well. Being in my apartment for err a few months now I've gotten used to living with carpet. Like I've lived with wood floor and their stupid propensity to gathering dust. But carpet is apparently its own animal. The carpet we have is some meh brown carpet that doesn’t stains easily (which is good) but also hides stains well (which is not).

So while a spillt glass of soda won't outwardly stain it, the padding underneath does. Also small things like crumbs and hair get lost and hard to see. So when I vacuum at times I'll miss hard to see small specs.

Being the paranoid first time renter that I am, I went to http://www.thesteamteam.com/ for tips to see if maybe they had tricks that could make keeping this carpet cleaner. I also find it hard to get at the corners in this place though. Like the flooring is uneven (these places are old after all) and so there are dips in the flooring especially around corners and floor railing. The site didn't seem to have many tips on that. So do any of you guys out there have any carpet cleaning tips on corners and small crevices?


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