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Loyalty, WoW, and Rings

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I remember writing on a blog a long, long while ago about celtic wedding rings. I loved the beauty inherent in them. When I think of Celtic rings though I automatically think the Claddagh ring. I know there's more than those type of rings available of course, but that iconic piece of jewelry is what comes to mind first.

These rings with the iconic hands holding a heart offset by a crown have been seen as a universal symbol of love and commitment for generations (even though it was originally intended as a symbol of loyalty and friendship – though you'd hope that would be in a committed romantic relationship too!).

So why the mention of these rings here? Because I like to think I've been rather loyal to WoW...not necessarily in it's game play sad to say, but in the feel of being a part of a game that has for a good 4+ years touched my heart, had me actually learn and grow from it, and be loyal to what was essentially to me a second life. I may not be playing it now, but the fact that I still can loyally can sing it's praises with complete honesty is worth evoking the image of this ring.


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