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Gloves for the Floor Show

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So. It seems http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ has a sale on medical clothing. Being I'm not a doctor, or nurse or anything resembling a medically trained person - and really would you want ME near anything sharp? Trust me you don't - I would only see out such a place for one thing.

Slasher movie tropes you don't belong in my post begone!

Nope...I want a pair for my Halloween night fun! Well, specifically for discount scrubs. See there's a key scene in RHPS where Frank snaps his gloves and well, why get some flimsy drug store gloves when I can get the real snappy ones?

Now I want them used only because, well those that have been to a RHPS shadow cast knows they tend to get messy. Well at least the good ones (if the movie is louder than the audience, then the night is a bust). Between lost cards, confetti, water and other sundry items I would want to have to worry about an expensive pair of gloves getting lost or ripped!

Now, as long as they can snap and not get lost on the floor, the bathroom, or someone drunkenly running off with them, medical grade gloves should do the night fine.


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