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Finding some Halloween candy recipes my whole family can enjoy

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Guest post written by Suzeanne Waterson

Sometimes I get a little annoyed with my daughter's dietary choice of eating only vegan foods. It really makes me cooking for her a whole lot harder and it affects everything else that the family eats. But I'm slowly finding all kinds of recipes that are vegan but don't taste like they've left good tasting things out of them. It isn't quite so easy to find those recipes, either!

I was looking online the other day for some ideas about vegan Halloween candy that I could make, when I saw some info on satellite tv internet bundles. After I looked through it a little bit, I decided to change over our home service to one of those bundles.

I did find some good candy recipes that were also vegan. I'm always a little skeptical about vegan recipes because sometimes they aren't that good, but I actually tracked down a few that were really good! In my experience, making a vegan recipe you find off the internet can be a gamble if you want to please some non-vegans too.


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