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Finally. I has a printer again.

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Well, I lately have been posting neat goodies on my ebay page (link to the right on my side bar). I've been posting and selling and buying and find myself running to the post office. Considering said post office is all the way across town I'm wasting gas in shipping items.

I heard about how you can mail stuff from home by printing shipping labels. As stamps have become almost obsolete (and hard to calculate shipping on without a scale) I really liked this idea. But my printer has been out of ink for a long, long time. If I wasn't broke, I wouldn't be selling so many items after all. And Dell ink is the worst in pricing. So, I would get labels done at the post office, wasting gas.

But then I found (I wish I thought of this sooner!) alternate places to get my printer ink. I didn't have to go on Dell's site and buy their brand name ink. I remember when I had a Dell brand computer and how they were adamant that you buy replacement parts from them.

This line of thinking stuck with me long after I started putting together my pc. Where on Dell I'd see ink as high as $30 dollars per color and black ink. That's $60 bucks for ink. $60 could go to my bills. But now that I've found just as good alternatives for as low as $11, I can finally afford some decent ink.


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