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So, I was asked the other day after my fling with About.com ended (long story) – why don't I get a job driving? Driving? I'm a terrible driver. I also am terrified of driving. I don't see how much Uncle can do it. All day driving up and down the state, sometimes farther up north driving gravel and road building materials.

I always wondered how he simply landed such work. Unlike construction, does a simple drivers wanted sign get people in the door? I know he has his CDLs and all, but seriously how does that happen. You can't just hire any old person to drive – so many bad driver's exist in this state of mine alone. And unlike a the public transit (aka bus) drivers that at most drive across a few cities, or the tour buses that drive groups of people across states, the type of driving my Uncle does is with heavy potentially dangerous materials.

I mean yea, you can get in big trouble if you say crash a bus full of people and cause grief. But these guys are driving for hours with costly items out of state on a constant bases. No passenger to keep them awake or warn them about being late or set route everyday. Basically you'd be driving alone, with expensive stuff, in areas you probably don't know. The very factors that would make me panic attack. Yeah...I think'll pass. Video game writing it is!


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