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A Clothing Secret?

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Do Trolls wear big and tall clothing? I would assume they do, regardless of gender. And since male Trolls (I'm referring to the garden variety Warcraft Troll now) slouch when the walk for some reason, the females stand taller than they do. This would imply by posture alone, female Trolls are the tallest in Azeroth (demons, monsters and those evil folk trying to destroy the world excluded).

So, would that by assumption make Hotaruchan a frequent shopper at the big & tall clothing shops? I mean that's a lot of fabric to cloth her. Every outfit she's ever worn fell down to her large feet, covering what needed to be covered.

But her outfits weren't exactly one of a kind. Any Trolless with connections could get the same said gear. Was Hota simply one of many regulars in a thriving big and tall industry? Were all the fashion forward big and tall clothing retailers just hiding out in raid dungeons (hell, a small shop was found in Ice Crown Citadel)? The Trolls seem to be rather secretive on their fashion tastes, places, and providers. An outsider like I may never know.


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