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Blue Mountains and Backpacking

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I sometimes wonder back to when I took a fateful trip up some Blue Mountains, at least I think that's what they were called. I remember it was during college – you know that place where you can take a semester at sea or in another country and whatnot? I recalled trying scuba diving then but being too broke to do the actual certification (I was a terrible swimmer anyway).

But something in me decided on back packing. Not with a small book bag back packing, but with a full on back pack harness full of clothing, and the millions of trappings you need to camp out in. I being the pack rat I am crammed everything I could in there not grasping I was to carry all that. On my 5'2” back. I wasn't in the best of shape either. I also though we were walking a small dirt path. Oh ho no. Our group leader had us hike along the Blue Ridge Mountains, up high areas with questionable drops and water passages.

Me. Up high. Sweaty and with a bag packed full of stuff I probably did not need. But dare I say it, those mountains were beautiful. Mountains blue anywhere near it's name must be law look pretty from any angle.


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