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The Trouble with reading web hosting reviews

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This is the time of year where I go and contemplate my web hosting situation. Every so often I get a notion in my head to try and move on from my current provider. The idea to self host on the home server I access the internet with was bounced around a bit...but in the end, that required time, and access to the server computer that I don't always have (nor always keep running).

So that's out. But I always am one that teeters on finding a great bargain while trying to find reputable places. I mean I've read many, many of the Web Hosting Reviews to be found out there, but I always end up changing my mind, backing out or finding something amiss that has me stay put here. Do I have a case of the cold feet? I mean, I've heard great reviews for places such as Bluehost and Hostmoster. ...and not so much for Host Gator.

Many sites claim to know what is what, doing price comparisons and package plans to ease one's worries in deciding on a web host, but these comparison sites never seem to have customer write ups or a user's actual experience with them. Some do but they seem so shallow and read like a company person was paid to write them. So I end up backing out. I just wish there was a comparison site that addressed this more thoroughly.


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