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Time to prepare for some RHPS

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It's nearing October...you know what that means right? Monsters! Horror movies! Rocky Horror screen casts! Costumes galore! No really. Costumes are awesome. Halloween to me (aside from the harvest/Paganish inferences) is simply a fun time for me. You can pretend to be a creeper, or be a nurse, or a devil, or any other thing that can go bump in the night, the day and all in between.

Oh did I mention Rocky Horror? Why yes I did. It's been a longstanding tradition of mine to go to the Nero Theatre each year (I live only a few cities away after all), dressed in either a cosplay of my favorite maid from Transsexual, Transylvania, Magenta ...or don my Mickey Mouse hat and do a meh Columbia.

Or I can rock some Intimate Apparel and be a bubbly Transylvanian guest. Either way I slice it, I'm ready for some RHPS goodness! All I know is I best wear better shoes this year. Last year I wore these thick clogs with this outfit:

Not a smart idea! Tenis shoes all the way this year!


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