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Preparing for my Halloween attire in advance

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It's September. The time where students (well non college student) return to school, the weather starts to slowly get colder and generally summer is ending. Well for normal people. September for me is just another month between me and the funnest month of the year – October. Why, you may ask? Well duh, it's cooler, the colors are more rustic and warm, and more importantly-


Oh yes, costumes. I love them. I love playing a new person both in text and in the real world. The month is just ripe with it. But I'll admit. I'm a bit on the zaftig side, with some extra room to deal with. Shopping at Walmart for costumes in my size is an exercise in 'eww these things look cheap (and they are)!?' Shopping online pulls up costumes that though gorgeous are not cut for the bigger set.

Yeah I want to dress up, but I don't want to look like a balloon dressed in an even bigger balloon! Dressing ones larger frame can be very difficult; finding Plus Size Halloween Costumes that even do this in a decent price range is harder. But some places have this to offer:

I mean look at that deep purple and black coloring! And the ruffles and seems on the dress accentuate and give a sensual hour glass figure instead of making the wearer into a large purple grape. It's like when I first found Lane Bryant – you can be big and still look good. I know this is what I'm rocking which I game my butt off at this year's Halloween themed LAN party.

Mike Geary said...
October 11, 2011 at 3:30 AM  

It's October now, but I still can't decide what costume to wear that would make the children freak out, joke heheh, rather I'd like something that looks like this, a medieval prince or King, better yet a Vampire costume

Darksaturn7 said...
October 11, 2011 at 2:38 PM  

Hehe though the point of Halloween is give people a bit of a scare! Though I can see what you mean, not wanting to scare the little ones too much.

I've always been partial to big billowy Queenish garb - though that outfit up top could easily be done up as a witch/sorceress or a Vampire as well. Versatile outfits like the above can make it a worthwhile investment and not just one costume I'd only wear once.

I just haveta make sure not to mix this one up with my Columbia cosplay (I'm doing RHPS on the same night XD)

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