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Fall and Chairs

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As I sit in one of two Adirondack chairs I scalped from Freecycle – What? Don't looked at me like that, I've scored many a thing off there: Coffee makers, a Futon, Picnic Tables for my small back yard, a small bookshelf; that place is awesome.
But as I was saying.

As I sit in a cedar Adirondack chair (also from Freecycle) I enjoy the emergence of Fall. The leaves grace all the playground equipment. People are turning down or off the A/C. Park Benches will have leaves falling on them soon. And I for one cannot wait.

I hate it when it's warm. While people are living it up in the beach, I'm hugging a console. It feels like topsy turvy world for me as I rush out like it's Spring and Summer, enjoying the Fall and Winter. Cons like Kasucon happen, people are likely to be inside and open to a lan party, and generally nothing beats a warm coffee, a game in the console(s), and a warm blanket.

So as the neighborhood kids get mad that school is in full swing, as the neighbors dread fishing out their warmer clothing, I sit in this chair going trololol; Fall is here, bitches!


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