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Boots and Gaming

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Now, I never though myself to be a boot person. I don't mean snow boots or regular fashion boots, but Cowboy style boots. These style of boots were the realm of crazy Texans, Urban Cowboys and Cowgirls, and bikers. I fit in none of those categories.

Now, being a gamerish site, how are pair of Wide Calf Boots to fit in here? Well, one of my best friends is one that marches to his own drummer. Part goth, part punk, part gamer, and the rest his own style, my friend loves his boots as much as his games. As we were conversing over a game of Mario Kart on one his Wii, he brought up how snug fitting boots are.

I laughed at the fact that boots are not made in my size. I'm not huge by any means, but I will readily admit fitting boots on my chubby legs is a bit weird feeling. Like 'yes I can fit them, but man is it a tight fit'. His gf, who is bigger than me then dug her pair from out of their closet. Nice and wide, and they were even built with letting the feet around the ankle breathe. I was not aware the boots came in such custom sizing.

Just to prove how comfortable the things were, she pulled out the game Zomba and danced to the game – with the boots on! A website was exchanged, I want me a pair now :D


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