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Web Advertising sometimes is best left to the pros

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Advertising? I've sort of done it here and there with this blog and various other endeavors. I've posted on friends blogs, on other related blogs, forums, and generally spread word about my little space on the net.

But it's kinda hard to know when to promote and when to hold back, how to promote, where to promote, ect. I've thought of many places but in the end, I'm just a newb that likes to blog about games and randomness. But there are places like the Advertising Agency that are pros at advertising.

These guys know way more on advertising and have been at it longer than most. They are exclusively internet based, knowing the ins and outs of online advertising strategies. What would be like to have an outside party promoting my stuff through calls, online ads, or web seo?

Instead of link building for hours I could let the pros do it, and focus more on simply writing. And really, who can not turn down a place that has fun and loves what they do? Look at this:

I can let these guys worry about promotion, and let me worry about blogging :D But I also wonder, what tricks these guys employ that I don't know about? Clearly, they are in the game to help others both from the small time (like me) to the larger businesses out there to rank high in search engines and get their name out there. I'm genuinely curious about this and may check them out.


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