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Trying my hand at blackjack

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Sometimes you feel like playing a console/handheld/PC game. Sometimes you feel like playing on the best technology has to offer with awesome graphics and fun gimmicks that make your fingers and mind work (not in that way XD). Sometimes though you want to go back to the basics, playing a game that simply needs you and a set of cards to play with.

Yes, I speak of a time in my life before video games took over. Before even board games killed my and my friends time (okay they still do a few nights a month in rp/gaming but still). Le gasp! Card games. Bone fide card games. Poker, Spades, Go Fish even. I declare war. Yeah as a kid I played them. Even a fail attempt at canasta.

But that was years ago. So dependent on technology can a simple card game be even fun for me anymore? Why yes, it can. I was teased by some friends recently about my lack of card skills (namely because I forgot how). I simply fail at learning the old types of games.

The game they wanted to play: Blackjack.

As much as I tried to pick up on it but either I just am a slow learner or they fail at teaching but I simply could not grasp it. As a geek I turned to a play that can both help and horrify: the internet. I searched and eventually landed on a place that gives online blackjack practice. I can only hope this place helps as I'm feeling so left out of the blackjack fun my friends are having without me.

This place offers a place to learn and play live games without spending any money at first - though if you feel froggy you can later join the betting tables and pay real cash. The fact that I can do this without having to hop to a brick and mortar casino (and can do on my own time) is perfect for me trying to learn the ins and outs of this card game.


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