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Easy Canvas Prints and a WoW Memory

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That above is a screenshot of me looking and feeling bad ass before taking down big bad Illy back in BC. I was the only mage in the raid, and for you guys that remember that fight...you ideally want 2+ mages* to keep the parasites at bay. That fight (and mage tanking the Council right before it) was HIGH STRESS but in a good way as we downed him right after this shot!

The fact that me, blondish ME could get it together and help the guild do it was amazing. One of the best moments of gaming I ever had.

So when I got the below item in the mail, I relieved one of my best moments of WoW all over again:

That pic has now been immortally put to canvas by Easy Canvas Prints. The details, down to cuts from the in game ui I used at the time, to the gear, Illy looking emo, and my in game tag show up brightly on this high quality, dare I say, gorgeous print.

I was going to write on it days ago, but I've just sat staring at it, the words just not coming to do it justice. In fact I still don't think I can say how much this means to me.

Even up close you can see the almost painted on quality to it! I could've had gallery wrap on it but I liked the almost frame like dark of the simple black trim. I could frame it, but I kind of like it as is! Never thought a WoW screen shot could be so art gallery-ish! Considering I write articles in this niche it makes my office gain a bit of street cred.

If Easy Canvas Prints can turn an old in game screen shot this awesome, I can see how they can do justice to say wedding photos, graduation photos and other life events. Then again any photo you hold dear can be blown up to gallery level quality from these guys; they even have an Idea Gallery to help you choose! The prices are a steal as well - considering you get options such as photo retouching, sepia and black and white tones (which I was so close to choosing) and varying sizes any photo you have will come out ace with these guys.

*yes there's a second mage in that shot...they were supposed to come and didn't, hence my stress level was through the roof even more. Mage tanking = not so bad if you've (regretfully) had to do Gruls (which I had to do, even pugs dragged me in there X.x). Lone trapping and killing parasites to keep them from infecting the raid = not so great.


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