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So FB has sorta Won

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Yes...this is my account. Damn you Facebook. Damn you XD

Eeeyeah. I admit it. I honestly snubbed Facebook for a very long time. Full of 'mindless games for non gamers and bored office workers killing time on the clock.' Kinda like bejeweled but for 201x. But then I received an email offering a job to play this. First off I was all, you are going to pay me to play this? Facebook games aren't legit.

I seriously was going to pass on it. Then I applied having no clue as to the time I needed to play this. I guessed wrong as the guy needed the game to be beaten within a month. I was all lol...unless I pay for upgrades that's not gunna happen. Needless to say I lost the lead. But the job lead said that if they needed a secondary writer later on they'll contact me.

This lead me into checking out say game requested. Empires and Allies.
I immediately went FarmVille. Yawn. I'm used to games with plot, or at least some strategy like Majesty or Warcraft (not the MMO) and whatnot. Not growing stuff to grow stuff. But lo and behold barely 2 weeks and some later and the above screen shot happened.

I just don't know why it's fun to me. Maybe it's the fact that it's an (albeit cuteish and tongue in cheek) game of war? Or it in it's simpler setup a watered down version of Majesty with a mix of Fire Emblem with it's decent (for a Facebook game) fight scenes? Or that for obviously trying to make you spend money to move along faster like a F2P game, a player can just pester FB friends to help for free? I just don't know. But for now I admit it. I bother to play Facebook games.


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