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Here's some super awesome promo codes

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Now where have I been? Well...RPing. Gaming (as always). About to move into an apartment! Zomg! Blogging has gone to the way side lately. I must fix this. To make up for my absence here's a few promo codes! Besides who doesn't like poker? It's so gangsta.

See, I have nothing against poker. Of course Hota would kill for strip poker but I digress. Poker has made me fun memories both drunken and sober. And since last year having taken such gambles and seeing them pay off, I find it ironic to be speaking about a chance heavy game. Things are so awesome that I figures sharing would not hurt. This PokerStars Marketing Code will net ya some fun deals for some awesome online poker.

I hang out here when I'm not typing my fingers off writing or what not. Sometimes a simple game of strategy is on the brain, but no one at home is just in the mood. So I hop onto here a learn from others around the world. Despite the huge site, it's very easy to navigate and getting started is very easy.

Here's two other codes: this one PokerStars Bonus Code, and this one PokerStars Bonus Code. These will hook you up with some neat offers. You cannot say I didn't give ya something to chew on after my long absence :D


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