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Updates and a ''return to WoW?

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Sorry for the absence of posts! I've been:

Writing bad fanfiction
Writing for About.com!
Being slowly converted back to WoW. Yes really. World of Warcraft has made it back onto my desktop >.>.
Hanging with family.
Generally kicking butt money wise.

Save for fudging around with writing random fiction, I've been everywhere BUT my blogs. Le sigh. People are wondering why I've avoided em lately. Blame life being busy lol!. Paper Mario and Xenosaga 3 are just sitting there crying to by played too.

Doesn't help that I have the deep urge to play Umbrella Chronicles, or Resident Evil (1 or 3). I want to kill me some zombies and Tyrants dammit! I've been so lazy, that the brochure listing the cable packages I was supposed to mull over in trying them out has sat lonely on my nightstand.

Might as well mark a few things off my list. Argh at the holidays. So much goings on. Add to it that I plan on seriously apartment hunting as soon as New Years passes and yeah. Busy. But since I'm probably going to be playing WoW again (one of the topics I write about deal with WoW after all) more WoW stuff will show up :D


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