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Remote Desktop Options for the Lazy Troll

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Now I admit I’ve remote desk topped into my pc before. Hell I’ve had trusted friends do so in order to fix issues with say setting up a mod I didn’t understand, transferring files cause we didn’t feel like driving 2 cities over to get them or even for employers. I mean I recall many a time when the bf was over and wanted to install WoW related things on my pc and since he keeps his on 24-7 he would load up his ftp and transfer.

A few jobs require it as I run certain things that I’m paid for. So my pc gets around :D But I only thought you can remote only through using ftp or using programs such as LogMeIn. But there’s another contender on the block. BOMGAR has stepped into the ring offering a paid version of remote desktop software to remote in with. Now I’ve mentioned two systems that I currently have used that are well free. Why pay when there are many other options out there?

Well, BOMGAR has a few options I’m pretty sure the other two don’t. Namely being that you can remote in not just from PC to PC (or server) over the net, but have remote desktop access for mobile and network devices as well. Also they actually have support for Linux users! Seeing Novell backing them as well as Symantec (Norton Antivirus anyone?) lends them a bit of street cred out the gate.

As much as I’m all for living on the cheap that’s pretty hot. And just to make your decision easier they offer a 7 day trial where you can test it out. Now a great amount of time but unlike a virus scanner where you don’t know how well it works till well you get infected (or a serious attempt) you can remote into other pcs to your hearts content.


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