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Gaming Convention

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Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

This year the gaming convention is going to be great. Steven and I are going to share a room at the hotel so we don't have to worry about driving into the city every day. We've been going to the convention every year since I could drive, it's always a great time. Steven can be a bit garish at times, but friends are friends, faults and all.

Overall Steven is a pretty cool guy. We spend a lot of time gaming together, and even when the group changes Steven and I are always together. He is a wicked good game master. He can tell some of the best stories I've ever heard. Every Friday and Saturday I set my Best home security alarm and head over to his house for an all night gaming session. We can really keep a campaign going. The other guys get kind of burnt out, but perseverance is important.

We don't just game though, that's the great thing about Steven, he likes to be versatile too. Last weekend we went to see the Star Wars marathon at the local theater, and then we went bowling. We got a lot of funny looks wearing our Star Wars costumes to the bowling alley though. With Steven around I never really feel silly though.


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