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Bestest Friends

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My best friend has had the title for over 15 years. When we met it was at the end of our teenage years, the years where the world rears its ugly head and even though you know you should be making better decisions, you are just wanting to establish independence and a home of your own.

She taught me about good restaurants and Las Vegas shows. She taught me about traveling and concerts.

When I moved into my very first apartment, she was there to help move me. She brought soda and snacks, and her strong back. I scraped up $15 to purchase a couch from a thrift store, and another $10 for a chair. The table and chair set I used was found in the apartment. The bedroom was so small that it only fit in a single bed with enough room to just walk around it. She also helped me break in when I locked myself out. She broke through the screen in the kitchen, although after that I didn't sleep as well knowing how easy it was to get inside. In fact, even now I set my adt security systems before I visit my best friend.

This guest post was from Werner Rogers


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