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The casino has more than cards and smoke.

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Now along this casino excursion, many will note the gaudy exterior, the smoky halls, and the over sense of spendthriftiness of the resort's patrons. But to the crafty eye of Tomoechan, the true beauty of the casino was it's furniture. Living rooms that entreated visitors to sit and chat awhile full of immaculately restored old world tables, to the rich netherweave fabrics used to accent each chair, the hotel/casino knew how to keep even the most non inclined spender in comfort.

The bedrooms were a devious exercise in keeping the otherwise overspending lout in a sense of grandeur. A player may be spending away his savings but at least they can say they slept in a room made for kings!

From the posh closets that looked to able to hold ones summer, winter, spring, summer, and whatever occasion clothing, to the elegant bathroom arrangements, to the staff 'perks' - it seemed the hotel at least spent their (ill) gotten money in the right places. Tomoechan merely took mental notes, the designs of each furniture piece stored in her head to create back home.


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