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At leasts it tries to be green. Trying is caring.

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Now the casino isn't all about overspending and excess...just 95% or so. The other 5% it actually tries to contribute to a cleaner Azeroth. For a more obvious example of their conservation (or cheap if your inclined) methods is saving up on water usage. The hotel doesn't import in rain water from the main land - that's what the rain barrels are for.

In fact scattered non obtrusively around the isle are large rain water barrels. As the isle they all are staying are of one of the Zandalari chains the area is prone to fits of heavy rainfall. Not a big thing for guests in that most are too busy being shut ins inside spending their gold away.

But guests do have basic needs such as shelter, food, and water. The gambling/suites handle the shelter, the food from all the wild game on the isle (and the ones nearby) solve food. But water is a great expense as persons need to drink, bathe, the intimate basics that one does everyday. And depending on the patron some use more than others so water usage tends to fluctuate then the other two needs. The rain harvesting methods used here cover than and some. Then again your bathing in fallen dirty rainwater that hasn't been purified or treated. The casino didn't feel like extending another 5% for clean water. Cleaning it cuts into profit margin. Damn goblins.


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