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Apparently the spammers insist I still play WoW

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I've gotten loads of spam into my other account (and the one I actually used for WoW), but it seems those shysters do not believe that I've given up the ghost. Clearly some of my old WoW friends (who most ironically are taking breaks or are quitting as well) have told them lies.

Note that they have infiltrated my gmail account, which I made for blog related things. Lawl maybe their game plan is to weasel their way to my old account info for an account that is no longer mine? Or worse - get me to resign up under a new account to steal the characters I'd level out of necessity? Or steal that $5 second account I purchased ages ago...mind you that account did nothing but rot as I didn't feel like buying a bunch of separate boxes for it.

Nah their not that smart. Besides I'm too cheap to repurchase all three of the games as I tossed them out the minute my account was sold. These guys are worse that telemarketers that send mail to your house years after...when you're already dead. (Happened to my Granddad for over 5 years after I'm sure we told a bunch of them years before he was certifiably dead). Well, WoW spammers. My account is dead. No hackings for yew!


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